48 Hours in Venice ♒︎

We are always looking to explore new places and experience different cultures, we were feeling a lack of creativity & needed some fresh inspiration, so when we got invited out to Venice to work alongside the tourism board, we jumped at the chance.

After arriving at Marco Polo Airport we had to find our way into the city centre, so we decided on taking the local bus. From the airport the bus costs around £8 each for a single ticket, (which is the ticket we purchased). Also, bus 5 leaves Marco Polo airport every 15 minutes during peak hours (30 minutes off peak) and terminates at the bus station at Piazzale Roma, which is very handy.

As this is a city with no roads, the only way to get around quickly is by boat, so this is where the Venezia Unica city card came in handy. The Venezia Unica city card is an all-in-one pass to use for public transportation, admission to tourist attractions and cultural events in the city, along with many other useful services.

If you are planning on visiting Venice i would highly recommend purchasing one of these cards as it makes getting around the city of Venice extremely easy and stress free.

You can get more information by clicking the link below:



Venezia Unica


Piazza San Marco is one the largest squares in Venice and one of the most popular in the world and its easy to see why. This is a place of rich character and incredible architecture. Scattered with cafes and restaurants, and the most beautiful cathedral. The inside of Basilica (the cathedral) is pure architectural heaven, and definitely something you should visit whilst being in Venice. Entry is free, which is a huge plus, but unfortunately you aren't allowed to take photographs inside the cathedral. Theres also a balcony and an outside viewing point of the square, which you do have to pay for, but from what I can remember it wasn't too expensive, and the view was totally worth it, especially from a photographers point of view. 




One of the things we love most about traveling to different countries is the food. We love getting a taste of the different traditional cuisines and drinks. Pasta and pizza are obviously the staple foods that you associate with Italy, but in reality its home to a number of other traditional cuisines. Whilst most people flock to the most popular touristy restaurants to fulfill their paste-ry pizza-ry needs, (don't get me wrong, they do make AMAZING pasta and pizza) wherever we visit, we always want to try something a bit more traditional, and local. With a bit of research, and speaking to a few of the locals, (taxi drivers, receptionists, store owners etc.) you can find out some of the best local restaurants and cafes, which are usually more reasonably priced, and serve more traditional home cooked meals.


Tasty treats


The Rialto Bridge is one of the four bridges spanning the Grand Canal in Venice. Everything in Venice is magical but standing here watching the sun set is a must. The first bridge was built in 1180 and the current one, made from solid marble, was built between 1588-92.

Rialto Bridge is one of the most photographed images in Venice and its easy to see why.


Rialto Bridge


With its historic buildings and beautiful canals, Venice is one of italy's most famous destinations but it doesn't come without its flaws, so below are a few tips to help your visit that little bit easier.

I would recommend booking a hotel near a water taxi, the last thing you want is too be dragging your suitcase very far in Venice. We stayed at Hotel Bartolomeo which was a five minute walk from Rialto bridge and great location for exploring the top spots in Venice.

Im usually good at self navigating and if all else fails we turn to google maps, its safe to say on this occasion neither were of any use, so be prepared to get lost at some point. If you find yourself totally out of your depth its best to ask a local to direct you where to go.

One of the most popular tourist attractions are the Gondolas. Unfortunately for us, we didn't have enough time to get to ride one. Typical prices start at 80 Euros for around half an hour, which is a little steep but you won't get an opportunity to do this anywhere else.

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